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Customized operational support

IMAGE Specialty Partners™ creates ongoing partnerships that help dental practices grow by leveraging its unique resources and extensive experience to accelerate daily operations, enabling doctors and dental professionals to focus on providing excellent care to their patients. With a wide breadth of support and technology, we are able to help partners heighten operational efficiency, improve business performance and establish a foundation for growth. We leverage our 20 years of experience operating successful dental practices to work with our partners to continuously optimize the patient experience, while maintaining the team and private practice culture they have built.

We Provide

Seamless staff management solutions. Our HR teams will help you hire skilled employees, clarify questions around benefits and policies, and resolve employment issues. We provide a full suite of HR services including recruiting, applicant tracking, training, compensation, benefits and payroll. Today’s hiring market is extremely competitive so we put strategic focus on acquiring talent, improving engagement and retention, applying best practices, benchmarking success and creating a culture of success. Additionally, IMAGE Specialty Partners™ provides HR administration including processing payroll and taxes, filing reports, maintaining compliance, managing data and updating policies can so that you and your clinical staff are free to focus on providing the best patient care.

Marketing to maximize your business. We take an omnichannel marketing approach, providing expertise in digital and traditional marketing and communication verticals to ensure maximum brand awareness. Each practice trade area is assessed to understand the unique target audience and customize the brand marketing strategy accordingly. Our Team provides expertise in branding, direct-to-consumer marketing, SEO, digital advertising, texting/email, promotional strategy and referral relationship marketing.

Latest technology and support. Dental technology is more nuanced and sophisticated than the broader spectrum of businesses. That’s why IMAGE Specialty Partners™ provides customized IT support to our dental partners that includes network performance and security, HIPAA compliant backup, practice system integration and vendor management so that we will be on the front line IT technical support not your practice employees.

Streamlined business processes and operations. Operations management lead by a team with deep field practice experience. Dedicated to quality, IMAGE Specialty Partners™’ operations team creates plans to drive growth and efficiency within each practice. We provide the back of house support with procurement, quality assurance, clinical compliance, credentialing and facilities management support.

Results-driven finance support. IMAGE Specialty Partners™ provides finance and accounting management including analysis and advanced KPI reporting to ensure you have the data necessary to drive your practice’s performance. From the consistent delivery of best practices, to the ability to efficiently build the financial controls necessary for your business growth with access to the right talent, your practice will benefit from our streamlined billing and collections, reconciliation and insurance Insurance verification support.

Unleash the potential of your practice.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your practice. We will:


We perform a financial assessment to understand the health of the business and where money is being left on the table. We host a strategy meeting to review and develop your goals for growth. Finally, we come onsite to review your infrastructure and operations, develop your vision, and create a custom work plan.


Based upon your unique goals, we build and implement the necessary platform to grow and scale your business. These building blocks include Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Procurement, Marketing, and Revenue Cycle Management depending on your model.

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